Bright & Precious Self Day Retreat


30% discount for members of Chi Flow with Jo – only €105

This day retreat will focus on nurturing your “bright and precious self” using the ancient Qi Gong exercise of the 8 Brocades, Food medicine Cookery Class and Self Shiatsu Acupressure.

We will work with the Kidney essence of the body, building strong bones, energizing and feeding bone marrow which in turn creates red blood cells, nourishing the whole body and white blood cells which strengthen the body’s immune system.

“I can absolutely say with my experience of teaching and treating hundreds of thousands of people, that every person without exception who uses Qi Gong, Food Medicine and Self Shiatsu consistently experiences health improvement and access to greater energy.” Joanne Faulkner


Members of Chi Flow with Jo receive 30% discount – simply add “Bright and Precious” when asked for the Coupon Code at checkout

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