Chi Flow for a Friend (Intermittent Fasting – 2 months)


Give the gift of two months’ Chi Flow with Jo to someone you love.

The two month period covers our Intermittent Fasting in January and February 2024.

Make a real difference to the health and well being of someone you care about.


When purchasing Chi Flow for a Friend (2 Months) for Intermittent Fasting, please include the Recipient’s name and email address in comments (or email with these details after purchase) so we can set your friend up and ensure they receive their emails.

We will then email you your e-Gift Voucher to print/send to your friend as their gift.  They will receive emails from us commencing end December 2023 (so we don’t spoil your surprise gift) with all the information they need to start to practice Chi Flow with the community for January and February 2024.


The Gift of Chi Flow with Jo Includes:

  • Live Interaction Weekday Energy Exercise with Live Qi Gong with interactive Q&A @ 8.30am (IST) Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) with Acupressure points, Herbal tips, Dietary Advice.  These are recorded and sent out to your friend so if they miss it they can catch up at any time, 
  • Mid Monthly Health Talks live and online on various topics  Recordings of these talks are sent to your friend.
  • Monthly Live Satsangs – Learn simple meditations and mantras together in a group.
Chi Flow for a Friend (2 Months) is a way to introduce someone to qi gong, acupressure and 5 Element theory.   Your recipient will be emailed with a special offer to join Chi Flow before the end of their two months practice.
  • Please be aware that there is no access to the Chi Flow Members Library with this gift.  That is only accessible with full Chi Flow with Jo membership.
  • You can purchase Chi Flow with Jo for a Friend ONLY ONCE for each friend/family member.  Please do not purchase this gift more than once for the same person.  You may purchase as many as you like for different people each time.
  • The purchaser's email must be different from the recipient's email address.