Frazzled to Fabulous – Wise Women Online Health Retreat


What’s included?

  • *Conscious Cooking classes to understand the relationship between food and radiant hormonal health
  • *Guided Chi Gong and meditation practices to increase vitality and slow ageing
  • *Learn Self Shiatsu and potent acupressure points to flow energy and develop “Yin”

What is it?  All-women retreat creates a safe space for sharing and healing using Food Energetics, Acupressure and Chi gong of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  During the online day we will cover all areas of women’s hormonal health from peri, through mid to post menopause, breast health and slowing the ageing process using the food we eat, gentle exercise, breath work and potent acupressure points.

Open to all women – Peri/Mid or Post Menopause

Feel Well, Feel Wise – in control of your life

Your host Joanne, author of Good Food: Better Sex, is Chairperson of the Shiatsu Society and a registered Shiatsu Practitioner who has a wealth of experience guiding retreats supporting women in developing self-care practices by understanding the connection between  how you feel and the food you choose.  For over 25 years she has worked by caring and supporting people making empowered choices to bring happiness, health and wellness into their lives.

“I have been hosting these Wise Women Retreats for many years.  Getting a group of women together in a safe space makes for great sharing, healing and fun – now we can get together anywhere online”

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