Wise Women Retreat


This is an all women retreat, creating a safe circle for sharing and healing.
We will cover all areas of women’s health from menstrual cycle to menopause and beyond using the food we eat, Qi gong exercise, and potent acupressure points.
At a cellular level, our bodies are constantly reproducing; new blood cells, skin cells, hair follicles, maintaining bone density, nail strength, and growth, so it is essential to keep our reproductive health, “Jing” in Chinese Medicine, flowing, vital and juicy.
In this simple, nurturing weekend, you can understand the clear connection between our emotions, our vitality, the food we choose and how it directly affects our health.
We will experience and nurture the feminine passionate energy within us, effortlessly improving health, bringing a balance between passionate fire and flowing water.
Within this retreat we will address symptom such as insomnia, palpitations, loss of libido, painful heavy breasts and periods, weight gain around the middle, hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings without medication, just using the food you eat, gentle exercise, breathing exercises and potent acupressure points.
Take time to develop and nurture a loving connection with your body and mind.
Your investment: This retreat costs €395.  A deposit of €95 is due now and the balance is to be paid by one week prior to the Retreat commencement date.  You will receive email communication about the payment structure.

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