1-1 Reconnect Session Chi Flow Members


Zoom 1-1 session – during this 75 minute private consultation session, you will gain new insights and understanding into your body, your diet and the behaviours, tensions and hurts you carry.

I can tune into your body and guide you to the powerful points and energy exercises that will work best for you, emotionally and physically.  You can then practice them in your own home as often as you need.

If there’s a problem, I’ll give you a bigger picture look at it, what might be causing it and how you can move through it with powerful acupressure, food medicine and Qi gong energy exercises.

Consultation includes a follow up self shiatsu points, energy exercises, dietary advice and lifestyle guidance.

This reduced price is for members of Chi Flow.

Doors to join Chi Flow are open for the last 5 days of each month.  Please contact me if you intend to join and would like to book a treatment.


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