Good Food, Better Sex (e-book version)

THIS IS THE E-BOOK pdf VERSION of the book

Good Food: Better Sex guides you from the kitchen table to the bedroom with over 100 delicious recipes, erotic poetry, beautiful paintings, practical heartfelt advice and healthy, safe, sexual exercises.

Use this book to:

  • Asses and remedy sexual problems using food as medicine
  • Understand, activate and enhance sexual energy
  • Deepen intimacy, pleasure and love connection with yourself and others


Good Food: Better Sex” by Joanne Faulkner is a guide to intimacy and love using Traditional Chinese Medicine and food. It is a holistic cookbook that improves your sexual health, mind, body and spirit.

Within each chapter, there is an overview of organs, meridians, a tantric exercise, 15 or so recipes, and 4 acupressure points, all to boost sexual energy and function. Using the quick reference guide, you can go straight to the recipes and acupressure points that cover the condition you are looking for such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, vaginal dryness, premature ejaculation, post-baby blues as well as the obvious viagra and aphrodisiac recipes. If you then want to delve deeper into the Tantric and Taoist aspect that is there for you too.

Many systems borrow from this tradition with their use of Yin & Yang, with Good Food: Better Sex you understand the foundation. It is a holistic understanding of nutrition – body, mind and soul. It is about improving your physical love life and the emotional health of love in your life.

Good Food: Better Sex creates recipes that have Sexual health benefits, but more than that it illustrates how we can love and cherish ourselves with food. A healthy loving relationship with food impacts and improves all areas of our life. – I am very excited to bring this book too you so make sure you subscribe to stay in touch with the progress of the book and all things.

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