ONLINE TALK : Recipes From My Kitchen 15 Feb 2023

* This talk is free for Chi Flow members *


Recipes from my kitchen to clear the liver and boost metabolism.

Do you want to learn my easiest, favourite recipes to help you?

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce inflammation,
  • Relieve joint pain,
  • improve digestion
  • Reduce hot flashes

Food is medicine!

If you’re struggling with pain and you feel your energy levels stop you enjoying life, eating foods that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help.

My approach, which specializes in the energy of food in Traditional Chinese Medicine, shows how to complement western medicine by looking at the body as a whole.

The foods you put in your body impact your wellbeing, so it is essential to make a habit of healthy eating. Choosing foods that prevent inflammation, strengthen connective tissue, and build greater bone density can preserve joints, prevent injuries, and offer natural relief for joint pain.

In the evening session I will be showing you how to make:

- Golden Milk - a gentle comforting warming drink to support the spleen and stimulate the large intestine

- “Move the Qi” Japanese dish with Umeboshi Dressing to stimulate the liver and pack the intestines with probiotics

- Sprouted Alfalfa and mung bean Salad with Umeboshi paste to stimulate digestive enzymes

- Chilli Relish with almonds to help blood, digestion and joints flow with ease