ONLINE TALK : Regeneration | with Guest Speaker Chris McAlister – 14 June 2023, 7PM

* This talk is free for Chi Flow members *


How we can regenerate resources in the body through simple mental and physical exercises?
Particularly in the modern scenario of abundant and chronic degenerative, inflammatory, endocrine and fatigue-related disease, this topic is of crucial importance.
The ability to create post-natal energy and then conduct this energy into the depots traditionally held to contain Jing and Yuan Qi is pivotal, not only in a long list of physical disease patterns, but a host of situations indicating apparent ill mental health.
This talk will give you tools for relaxation, regeneration and rejuvenation, and bring vital energy resources back into available circulation and into correct storage structures.
You will:
° feel more relaxed
° improve your mood
° sharpen your vital mental state
° increase your physical vigour
Chris McAlister is currently one of the most prominent ambassadors of Shiatsu and the Asian way of life in the West. He currently serves as is the Chief Editor and President of ESF - European Shiatsu Federation.
In his comprehensive and easy-to-digest new book “The poetry of Touch”, he takes the listener on a journey right into the heart of Oriental medicine and how it overlaps with modern Western science and philosophy.
In this unique and special evening you will experience profound insight into the body.
Can't make it live? Don't sweat. The session is recorded and sent straight to your inbox, so you can watch it anytime that suits!