Series of 7 Shiatsu Treatments

Original price was: €805.00.Current price is: €690.00.

The cost of a Shiatsu treatment is €115 but by block booking you receive a FREE treatment, all include Hara diagnosis, dietary advice, acupressure points, and lifestyle recommendations where appropriate.  Treatments last 1 hour 20 minutes and are fully clothed with no oils or needles.  “Pay as you go” payment plan available.

Shiatsu is a treatment like no other.  It addresses the root of the problem as well as alleviating manifesting symptoms.

Shiatsu, often described as acupuncture without needles, balances the physical and emotional body. It uses comfortable thumb pressure and palming massage to penetrate deeply into the muscles, energy channels and acupuncture points. I use the Hara, in the abdomen, to diagnose and treat both physical and emotional conditions.  I then recommend, using the Five Element System, correct foods to balance and nourish your unique body.