Stop Sweet Cravings (e-book)

A Guide to Stop Sweet Cravings” by Joanne Faulkner is a useful companion if you crave that sugar hit in the afternoon, nibble your way through your evenings or simply want to adjust your eating habits to be healthier with less refined sugars.

This e-book is packed with delicious recipes, acupressure points, Qi Gong exercises, and more to help you make healthier food choices and manage sugar cravings. As an added bonus, because this is an e-book, you can actually watch Joanne demonstrate and teach the Qi Gong moves from links in the e-book 🙂  So dive in and enjoy the journey to better health!


NOTE:   This e-book is in PDF format.   When you purchase the book, you get 2 downloads of the book so you can read on 2 different devices, perhaps your phone and iPad or tablet.   You have 365 days to download your 2 copies of the book.

If you read on a Kindle, you will NOT see this book in your Kindle books, it will be in your Downloads or Documents.